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Sigma Rhoans in UP Law Faculty

THE PRACTICE OF LAW is among the greater forms of scholarship in the civilized world. Still, teaching law is a distinct accolade of its own. Nowhere is this more true than in UP Law. Not everyone who applies there gets in—some have been applying for years. It is thus a source of fraternal pride that several brods—Dean Bart Carale ‘52, Othelo C. Carag ’81, Ronald “Pope” O. Solis ’81, Alfredo “John” B. Molo III ’00, Mark Dennis Y.C. Joven ’01 GA’04, Gerard L. Chan ’01, Dino Aguirre ‘04—by their recognized excellence and expertise in their chosen fields, have been Teaching Law in the Grand Manner for some time now.

Dean Carale continues to teach Civil Law Review at the UP College of Law to this day. His service to his alma mater continues to be an inspiration to the brods who render countless hours of work to impart in a grand manner the lessons they themselves learned in Malcolm Hall. Dean Carale served as the Dean of the UP College of Law from 1983 to 1989.

Othelo earned his law degree from UP Law in 1990 and was ranked 9th in his class. He passed the accountancy board exams while studying law. Pope teaches Criminal Law Review to graduating students of the UP College of Law.

John alternately teaches Administrative Law, Agency and Partnership, and Statutory Construction and has been in the faculty for 7 years. Mark focuses on teaching the Law on Succession and Credit Transactions. Gerard has been teaching the Law on Sales to the evening class since 2012. Dino had also started to teach Sales after finishing his LL.M. at Harvard last year.

Rites of Passage

Othelo began as a junior and later senior associate of the Carpio Villaraza & Cruz Law Offices (CVC Law) where he handled big-ticket clients of The Firm. He then took his expertise to the next level by taking Master of Laws in Taxation Law at the New York University in 1999. At present, he is the managing partner of Carag De Mesa Zaballero San Pablo & Abiera, a firm he founded together with former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eduardo V. De Mesa ’80. He served as Assistant Secretary for Finance of the Department of National Defense from 2005 to 2006.

Pope began his law career as an associate in the Cuevas dela Cuesta & de las Alas Law Offices from 1988 to 1992—a period he spent acquiring expertise as a “full-on, bare-knuckle” litigator with a fearsome courtroom reputation and a commendable win record. After working as partner to two other law offices, Pope together with Gerardo “Boyet” A. Medina ’83 established their present law office. He was also the chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission from 2004 to 2006.

John also earned his stripes in CVC Law where he set the record for fastest promotion to Senior Associate and was taught how to “slay dragons” by brods like Simeon V. Marcelo ‘75 and Rodel A. Cruz ’88 GA’92. A Fulbright Scholar with a Master of Laws degree from Harvard, John founded MOSVELDTT Law, one of the up-and-coming law offices in the country. More recently, John led the team that secured a unanimous decision that declared the pork barrel system unconstitutional.

Mark worked as an Associate at the Angara Abello Concepcion and Regala Law Offices (ACCRALAW). Mark also obtained his Master of Laws Degree from Harvard in 2009 as a Harvard University Scholarship grantee.

Gerard also worked as an Associate at the Angara Abello Concepcion and Regala Law Offices (ACCRALAW) as a Litigation and Corporate and Special Projects Departments. He earned his Master of Laws degree on international trade and commercial law from University of Durham as a Shell Centenary Chevening Scholar. Gerard is currently serving as Director of the Legal Service and concurrently the OIC-Assistant Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

Dino is following the footsteps of his Archon, Mark ‘01 GA ‘04, and also worked at ACCRALAW to start his career in law. He started to teach at the UP College of Law this school year.

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