Rest in Peace, Marcy Estrella ’57

On October 23, 2014, Marcelino “Marcy” S. Estrella ’57 passed away. He was well-known for being a man of the arts and music as an interior designer and more popular as an expert in Harmonica. On October 28, 2014, Sigma Rho Council facilitated Last Rites for Marcy.


Boy Lazatin ’63, former Sigma Rho Council President, recollected the service Marcy rendered to the¬†fraternity.


Edru Abraham ’63 gave tribute to Marcy by playing Harmonica. He shared with the brods and his family how they both shared their love for arts and Jazz music.


Teddy Pison ’57 gave his testimonial to Marcy who was his best friend. They also joined the fraternity together 57 years ago.


Nanding Gose ’57 shared with the brods and Marcy’s family Marcy’s merry and adventurous times as UP student and a Sigma Rhoan more than 5 decades ago.


Sigma Rho Council President Rey Regalado ’79 GA ’86 led the pinning ceremony wherein a Sigma Rho pin was given to the family of Marcy.


Marcy’s son, Cooper, expressed his gratitude to the Sigma Rhoans for their support to his father while he was still alive. He shared with the brods how he admires his father and how he would sneak his father’s Frat shirt out because he wants to be just like his father Sigma Rhoan.


Edru ’63 and Kontra Gapi paid tribute to a fellow man of the arts and music, Marcy.

IMG_5045¬†Marcy’s Harmonica album

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