ADAPT 2011: Sangdaang Sangandaan – A UP Law Freshman Orientation

By Taking Marella ’10

“The business of a law school is to teach law in a grand manner and to make great lawyers.”

These words from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., etched on a wall of Malcolm Hall, were what greeted the incoming freshman of UP Law as they piled into the theater for their orientation. This year’s freshman orientation, aptly titled “Adapt 2011: Sangdaang Sangandaan,” aimed to welcome, if not frighten; encourage, if not discourage; and praise, if not intimidate, the Centennial Batch of UP Law. Indeed, as the students, organizations and guest speakers could attest, the business of law school can be a daunting task –¬†especially for neophytes in the legal academe. Continue reading

Sigma Rhoans Lead USC Freshman Committee

The University Student Council (USC) is the official student representative body of the Philippines’ premiere institution of higher learning. As such, it represents the interests of the students within and outside the University. The USC exists to represent UP students in various affairs of the University, acting as the voice of students in the local, national, and international issues. As the highest student representative body in the university, the USC is composed of members elected amongst the student body, mandated to organize and direct campaigns and activities to defend and promote students’ rights, and improve the students’ general welfare.

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Video - PLJ Masthead

The Glory of the Sigma Rho in More than Seventy Years of Excellence in the Philippine Law Journal

By Darwin Angeles ’08

A Sigma Rhoan is distinguished by the mark of his character which sets him above the rest.

It has been oft said that the Fraternity is an agglomeration of individuals comprising the finest that Philippine society has to offer. More than anything else, one the most significant distinction that separates a brod from mere mortals is that a Sigma Rhoan is a scholar. As Seekers of the Right, Sigma Rhoans have emerged as well-known savants in the fields of their choice.

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