The Sigma Rho was never founded. It has existed since time immemorial. However, it was formally organized in 1938 and was officially recognized by the University of the Philippines in 1939.
– Tenets of the Sigma Rho

The Sigma Rho Fraternity was formally organized by 12 law students of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) College of Law in 1938. It was initially composed of U.P. College of Law students. It received formal recognition from the U.P. administration in 1939. The Charter Adviser was then professor and later Court of Appeals Justice Magno Gatmaitan. In the 50’s, it eventually expanded its membership base to undergraduate students from U.P. Diliman. The Sigma Rho fraternity has its headquarters in U.P. Diliman with resident brods, and alumni chapters in the archipelago and abroad, mainly, U.S.A..

Given its roots in the College of Law, the Sigma Rho was inspired by Felipe Sánchez Roman, a Spanish politician and a professor of law. He also wrote one of the most authoritative commentaries of old Spanish Civil Law. Today the Fraternity remains based in the U.P. College of Law where a great proportion of its members were recruited from, though members belonging to undergraduate and other graduate courses are welcome. However, the Grand Archon has always been elected from the Law School–a reflection of the nature of the Grand Archon as “the most rational Sigma Rhoan”.

Charter Members:
Pacifico Agcaoili
Constantino Borja
Rodolpho Frayre
Joaquin B. Gonzales
Tiburcio V. Hilario
George V. McClure (GA-1939)
Angel Medina
Carlos P. Ramos
Luciano P. Salazar
Antonio Moran Sison
Narceo Zambrano (GA-1940)