The Country’s Construction Worker: Angelo Valencia ‘87

By Taking Marella’10

In Kalanguya, the local dialect in Mt. Pulag,”Pultak”; is a term for “bald” – a name endearingly attached to a man no less than brod Angelo Valencia ’87. Angelo has fostered an affinity with the peole of Mt. Pulag ever since he made a selfless commitment to aid in the development of education 7,748 ft up in the mountains.

What began as a simple sabbatical has now turned into a mission. In 2007, Angelo recounts that upon encountering a life-threatening accident and realizng how short life was, he decided to divert his attention away from private practice and towards a different undertaking.

In response to the 66,800 classroom backlogs in the country, the Department of Education’s (DepEd) budget falls short of 10,000 classrooms. Hence, DepEd Sec. Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC has enlisted the help of the private sector in addressing these supply-side concerns of basic education. Angelo, through Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) and is TEN Moves agenda, has spearheaded the classroom building construction in Mt. Pulag

The 3rd highest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Pulag is a National Park which mountain climbers aspire to visit. Over the years, it has acquired new classroom buildings, starting with the Elementary School at Sitio Babalak then came Abucot Elementary School and then the High School Building. What is being built here are not merely structures but more importantly, futres. The children are given better access to education which can allow them to progress further to colleges and universities.

Kuya Pultak has learned to cherish the people of Pulag. Having no children himself, he pours much of his affection to the kids in the mountain, earnestly hoping that one day they would go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilling lives. Once they are up there in success he will be the proudest. Angelo will brim with much pride that he has become a part of their lives and they a part of his.

Pitong Pinoy “People’s Choice”;, an online poll in which you vote for young emerging Filipino heroes. Though a member of a UP College of Law based Fraternity, Angelo ’87 has been aptly dubbed the Country’s Construction Worker. Vote for him, not for his sake, but for the cause that he is representing. Angelo needs no self-aggrandizement and needs no claim to fame. Hi work for the people in Mt. Pulag is sufficient reminder of a selfless gift dedicated to the advancement of this nation.

Learn more about the TEN Moves at: www.tenmoves.org

Vote for the “Country’s Construction Worker”; at: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/pitongpinoy/