Sigma Rhoans Play Big Brother Role

By Gil Aquino ’11

On May 26, 2011 Sigma Rho brods assisted in the Operation: Libreng Tuli at Brgy. UP Campus, Quezon City. Said operation is a joint project between the Sigma Rho Fraternity and Councilor Bong Suntay of District 4, Quezon City. The said health and medical program has been conducted regularly since 1998, providing free circumcision to over 2,000 boys yearly.

The Sigma Rho has been taking an active role in leading medical and health missions; but this is the first time the Sigma Rho has partnered with the office of Councilor Suntay and helped in the implementation of the said project. Mainly through the efforts of the Grand Archon, and Noel de Luna Batch 2002, the Sigma Rho provided free medicine for over 60 boys who underwent the operation. The brods also assisted the staff and volunteers, who are mainly from the office of Councilor Suntay and Novaliches District Hospital, donning surgical gloves and providing words of encouragement to the young men who were undergoing a momentous event in their lives. To the boys of Brgy. UP Campus, the Sigma Rho is proud to have been part of your entry into manhood!  

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