Sigma Rhoans Lead USC Freshman Committee

The University Student Council (USC) is the official student representative body of the Philippines’ premiere institution of higher learning. As such, it represents the interests of the students within and outside the University. The USC exists to represent UP students in various affairs of the University, acting as the voice of students in the local, national, and international issues. As the highest student representative body in the university, the USC is composed of members elected amongst the student body, mandated to organize and direct campaigns and activities to defend and promote students’ rights, and improve the students’ general welfare.

The Freshmen committee is a special standing committee spearheaded by the USC. It caters to the needs of the new batch of scholars in the country. Chiefly, this committee helps the first year students give justice to their newly-earned title, Iskolar ng Bayan. This academic year, 2011-2012, the freshmen committee was led by no less than a Sigma Rhoan – Santi Santos ’10, Engineering Representative to the USC. The committee he led has proven itself to be innovative and wholesome. Last June 14, 2011, a successful Freshmen Welcome Assembly was held at the UP Theatre wherein almost 5,000 freshmen students attended. It was a very inspirational day as the UP Chancellor Ceasar Saloma and UP President Alfredo Pascual cordially addressed the freshmen students. Along with the program, each freshman was given a booklet, an audio-visual CD, and a free bus tour inside the campus. This package was given in order to guide the students for their fresh start. In the booklet, a whole page was allotted for the welcome greeting of the Sigma Rho Fraternity. On July 28, another project was pioneered by the same committee. The University Freshmen Council (UFC) is the first university-wide student representative body among the freshmen in UP’s history. It exists to represent and voice out the ideas and concerns of the students, freshmen in particular. For 2011, it has accomplished activities such as the Freshie Cup, a sportsfest for their batch; the freshie lantern parade, wherein the UFC were the only ones to launch wishing lanterns on the event. This reached the news and was put in papers for the following days. For the freshmen of the University of the Philippines Diliman, the Sigma Rho Fraternity proudly welcomes you to the prestigious training grounds of the best and the brightest, the crème de la crème!