Christmas Party, 2011

By Richard del Rosario

December 8, 2011, Roman Catholics hold that day dear as it is known as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Sigma Rhoans in addition partook of a different kind of feast: enka, matu and joy-ens.

Club Filipino was the venue and it was filled to the brim. The batches were all well represented at the party. The party was hosted by Batch ’61 and Batch ’86. Cellphones and television sets were also raffled off to residents and alumni. Also, in the Spirit of the Season, the Dennis Venturina Scholars were also able to raise a significant amount of funds to the Scholarship Program thanks to the Alumni’s generosity. This will ensure that deserving brods will be able to continue their respective studies in UP. Present at the party were the Sister Deltans who regaled the Brods with a song. And it was not just with the Deltans that the Brods were able to practice their Second Code, several beautiful Dance Instructors were also present to accompany whoever wanted to dance. In the meantime, Brods bonded with one another once again, especially a couple of alumni who came all the way from the US, Leo Beligan’65 and Dan Amosin’74.

It was a very merry Feast indeed.