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El Cid Butuyan: The boy from Isabela who conquered World Bank & Harvard


Harvard Law School: El Cid Butuyan ’96 profile  -


 (The Philippine Star)

Everybody takes a journey. How far one goes is, most of the time, dependent on one’s resolute will to succeed. One’s drive is directly proportional to one’s feat.

For instance, El Cid Butuyan, 41, started his expedition to life at the Ramon Central School, a public elementary school in a second-class municipality of Isabela in northern Philippines. He never thought then that his dreams would bring him to Harvard University as a professor of a course called Transnational Corruption or to World Bank where he works as a senior litigation specialist.

His journey to World Bank and Harvard may be, in his own words, “improbable and serendipitous,” but the underlying inertia that has turbo-propped him to be where he is now is all summed up in his drive to succeed.

That he is now enjoying some sort of a rock-star treatment in Harvard or that he is a force to reckon with at the World Bank is already getting ahead of the tale. This is El Cid’s story, which led him to an advocacy of fighting poverty through good governance.

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OSCAR TAN ’02 – Legal expert is new PDI columnist


MANILA, Philippines–Oscar Franklin Tan has contributed essays on law, politics, love and travel to the Inquirer’s Opinion pages for the past two years, and he will now write a weekly column, “Sisyphus’ Lament,” that will appear every Monday starting today, Dec. 8.

Tan retells the story of the Filipino from the eyes of the children of the Edsa Revolution. Reacting to how Ateneo students were criticized for taking selfies with Imelda Marcos, he made the point lost to the elders that these students had yet to be born during the Marcos years. “How can one tell students to ‘never forget’ what they justifiably do not remember?” (“Alienating youth from Edsa,” 7/21/14).

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malcolm hall

Sigma Rhoans in UP Law Faculty

THE PRACTICE OF LAW is among the greater forms of scholarship in the civilized world. Still, teaching law is a distinct accolade of its own. Nowhere is this more true than in UP Law. Not everyone who applies there gets in—some have been applying for years. It is thus a source of fraternal pride that several brods—Dean Bart Carale ‘52, Othelo C. Carag ’81, Ronald “Pope” O. Solis ’81, Alfredo “John” B. Molo III ’00, Mark Dennis Y.C. Joven ’01 GA’04, Gerard L. Chan ’01, Dino Aguirre ‘04—by their recognized excellence and expertise in their chosen fields, have been Teaching Law in the Grand Manner for some time now.

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Video - Boy Lazatin

BATCH 63 – Excellence In Diversity

By Victor “BoyLaz” Lazatin `63

In the summer of 1963, I had just graduated from high school in Angeles, Pampanga. I was excited to enroll in UP where most of my gang mates were studying and were incoming sophomores and juniors. Almost all were planning to join fraternities. As the youngest in the group at 15 years and 10 months old and an incoming freshman, they all discouraged me and did not want to take me along in joining “Upsilon” and “Beta Sigma” – the frats they were intending to join. Since I was insistent and “makulit,” they agreed to work out that I join the “Sigma Rho” because, according to them, “maraming magaling at gago na kamukha mo” (since I was a smart-ass punk then).

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