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On Life and Activities Outside the Classroom

Dear fellow students of law,

When I was first admitted to the UP College of Law, I remember visiting Malcolm Hall just to see the place to soak up the atmosphere.  Realizing the role of the College in our nation’s development, I said to myself that I was probably going to school with some of the best minds of my generation.  The years and subsequent events have somewhat tempered that initial impression; however, there is still a lot of truth in it. You are indeed among the best minds of your generation and, in a very real sense, the leadership of this nation will spring from among you. That’s not an open boast but rather a responsibility that will follow you through your days because of the talents that you already have and the education that you will receive over the next few years.
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Message from Ed de Vega ’89, DFA Asec for Legal Affairs

Ed de Vera'89 2x2 All freshmen at the UP College of Law are immediately made aware upon their first day of classes about the considerable rigors of law school, with nothing they had ever experienced before in their undergraduate days in college ever comparing to the incredible grind of 4 or 5 years of law studies.  Because of the complexity of the academic program and the incredible amount of study required to so much as survive each day and week of class work, law school  is a place where one can experience a great deal of stress, often affecting even the student’s basic health. Continue reading