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On Finding Time To Be A Student Leader

Martin Loon    Its been a few years since I first set foot in Malcolm Hall.  Looking back, it seems like yesterday. Coming from the Ateneo, I barely knew anything about UP. All I knew was I had to study hard to survive the daily grind of horrendous recitations. I never knew what life had in store after taking that leap and deciding to go to law school. I’ve always wanted to be a UP lawyer, having heard about its grand traditions and graduates all excellent in their respective fields. I told myself that if I am to be lawyer, I’d want my law degree to come from UP. Continue reading

On Why It’s A Good Thing To Be Part of the PLJ

John BarcenaTo my future peers in the legal profession:

When I entered the College of Law, my goal was simple. That is, to graduate on time, pass the bar examinations, and become a lawyer. To my mind, my admission to the College of Law was in itself a blessing, and to simply earn my diploma and take my oath as a lawyer would already be an accomplishment of a lifetime. I did not wish for anything more, nor did I expect any more from myself. Continue reading

On How to Get Into Good Grad Schools After UP Law

Bo Tiojanco '04Dear incoming freshmen,

Congratulations for your acceptance! The University of the Philippines, College of Law is internationally recognized as the country’s best law school. This means that, all things being equal, someone with a UP Law degree has a better chance of getting into the world’s best law schools (Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, etc.) than one with a law degree from any other school in the Philippines. Continue reading