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Recollections on the Fraternity

By Eduardo C. Abaya, Batch ’40 Grand Archon ’46
1989, Sigma Rho 50th Anniversary


The Sigma Rho Fraternity was organized by some twelve idealistic junior law students of the UP College of Law at Padre Faura St., Manila. Attracted by its laudable objectives, especially in the field of scholarship, the cream of the UP Law studentry joined up and were initiated into the Fraternity. Among them were law freshmen students like Jovito R. Salonga, Pedro L. Yap and Manuel Montecillo who later topped the 1944, 1946, and 1949 bar examinations, respectively.

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The Glory of the Sigma Rho in More than Seventy Years of Excellence in the Philippine Law Journal

By Darwin Angeles ’08

A Sigma Rhoan is distinguished by the mark of his character which sets him above the rest.

It has been oft said that the Fraternity is an agglomeration of individuals comprising the finest that Philippine society has to offer. More than anything else, one the most significant distinction that separates a brod from mere mortals is that a Sigma Rhoan is a scholar. As Seekers of the Right, Sigma Rhoans have emerged as well-known savants in the fields of their choice.

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