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Sigma Rhoan Stories

Video - Boy Lazatin

BATCH 63 – Excellence In Diversity

By Victor “BoyLaz” Lazatin `63

In the summer of 1963, I had just graduated from high school in Angeles, Pampanga. I was excited to enroll in UP where most of my gang mates were studying and were incoming sophomores and juniors. Almost all were planning to join fraternities. As the youngest in the group at 15 years and 10 months old and an incoming freshman, they all discouraged me and did not want to take me along in joining “Upsilon” and “Beta Sigma” – the frats they were intending to join. Since I was insistent and “makulit,” they agreed to work out that I join the “Sigma Rho” because, according to them, “maraming magaling at gago na kamukha mo” (since I was a smart-ass punk then).

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Love At First Slap

The romance has lasted to this day

Joining a fraternity, for a self supporting freshman at the UP College of Law, was not a difficult decision to make. The research load alone was difficult to bear, even for a full time student. Textbooks were expensive, and library time was a luxury not always available. I needed help. Joining a fraternity seemed to be the answer. I was right.

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Recollections on the Fraternity

By Eduardo C. Abaya, Batch ’40 Grand Archon ’46
1989, Sigma Rho 50th Anniversary


The Sigma Rho Fraternity was organized by some twelve idealistic junior law students of the UP College of Law at Padre Faura St., Manila. Attracted by its laudable objectives, especially in the field of scholarship, the cream of the UP Law studentry joined up and were initiated into the Fraternity. Among them were law freshmen students like Jovito R. Salonga, Pedro L. Yap and Manuel Montecillo who later topped the 1944, 1946, and 1949 bar examinations, respectively.

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