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With Passion and Purpose, Rick Rocamora ’63

An exhibit of Rick Rocamora’63’s works in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) began last June 13, 2012 and will end on August 13, 2012. Rick Rocamora of Batch ’63 is an internationally recognized and multi-awarded photographer. A senior curator of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art calls him a “classic documentary photographer”. He is a recipient of various prestigious awards from Asian American Journalist Association, SF Bay Area Press Photographers Association, New California Media, Media Alliance, California Arts Council, and KQED and Union Bank of California. Many of his works have been exhibited all over the globe, and are recognized for documenting the lives of Filipino people in the margins, as well as the lives of non-Filipino citizens like Muslim-Americans. His passion for visual storytelling has also been recognized in the publishing industry. His images have become part of a National Book Award Winner, which is about corruption in the Philippines. He also published a book on Filipino World War II veterans, entitled “America’s Second-Class Veterans”. Manong Rick’s works have been part of a traveling exhibition that was showcased at the Smithsonian, Center for Photographic Arts, and Museum of Photographic Arts. He has also had an exhibit in the U.S. Embassy of Tokyo. Manong Rick exemplifies the idea of an international photographer. Through his lens, the world is able to look at social reality on an intimate level and to encounter, in crisp focus, the faces of otherwise faceless men shrouded in the mist of statistical figures and reports.

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