Batch ’63: 50 Years of Solidarity and Excellence in Diversity

By Fernan Tamalayan ’12

The year was 1963 — the year when a bunch of young men forged strong fraternal ties and decided to dedicate the rest of their lives living up to the qualities of a leader, scholar, gentleman and a warrior.

From that year on, this group of men continued to dream and reap honor for the Sigma Rho in different fields, thus committing for 50 long years to our vows of sacrifice, loyalty, obedience and service. The Sigma Rho Batch ’63 found themselves succeeding in carrying the motto “solidarity and excellence in diversity.”;

Batch ’63 celebrated their 50th year as Sigma Rhoans on March 23, 2013 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. Everyone participated and enjoyed the program which was directed by Edru Abraham ’63.

Batch ’63 was presented as the brods were singing the Sigma Rho March. Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino (Kontra-Gapi) and the Athenaeum String Quartet and Friends performed that evening, making the celebration more memorable. For the first time, there was a presentation of the scores of the Sigma Rho Hymn for strings. There was also an informative video presentation produced by Caloy Malibiran ’63 that showcased the Fraternity’s history and the achievements of the Golden Batch.

Felicitations were given by the Sigma Rho Council Chairperson, Boy Reyno ’61, GA ’67, the Sigma Rho Council President, Rey Regalado ’79, GA ’86, and the former Grand Archon Rey Omnes.

The Fallen Warriors of Batch ’63 were also remembered that evening as Marcy Estrella ’57 played his harmonica arrangement f the Sigma Rho Hymn. The event ended with an afterword from Jun Factoran ’63 and the singing of U.P. Naming Mahal.

The tale of the Batch ’63 was shared by Boy Lazatin ’63 to all the Brods. He remembered and shared his memories of their batch as they joined the Fraternity and lived up to its principles and ideals.

He told the tale of how he was introduced to Sigma Rhoans in Yakal and became the 1st neophyte in his freshman year in 1963. Later he was joined by the “Bilyaran Boys”; (Leleng Abad, Caloy Malibiran, Emil Librea, Hector Sarte, Gil Tordilla, Beda Fajardo, and Tony Tria), dormers from Molave (Allen Quimpo and Ric Rocamora), students from the Arts and Sciences (Edru Abraham, the Villacorta cousins Minito and Jun “Kingkong”;, Greg Pascual, Titus Adorna, Monico Chavez, Charlie Morales, Joe Lipa and Romy Tarrayo), dormers from Yakal (Tony Velicaria, Edwin Acoba and Jun Abbas), dormers from Narra (Ed Tan, Dodo Paz, Art Cosuco, Lito Angeles, Bert Balce, Allen Timbayan, Mac Lanto and the Kong Brothers Dave and Engdian), students from the Day Class in UP Law (Rey Abcede, Art Tolentino, and Musib Buat), and the working students from UP Padre Faura (Jun Factoran, Emil Macaspac, Chito Buñag, Jun Viray, and Peping Ramirez).

At that time, they were over 80 neophytes but only 39 became Sigma Rhoans.

Batch ’63 reminisce their beginnings as they share some of their happy and memorable experiences to the Brods. Boy Lazatin ’63 mentioned how Greg Pascual ’63 was regarded as the pretty boy of the Batch, how Edru Abraham ’63 fractured his dirty-finger by a paddle which made his prospects of being pianist gone, and how Tony Tria ’63 and Hector Sarte ’63 had this contest on “popping pimples”.

He also told of their “istiran” that their batch regarded Titus Adorna ’63 as the “phallic symbol”; for his “sex appeal”; Joe Lipa ’63 as “ilong”; Art Tolentino ’63 as “Hitler”; Emil Macaspac as the “news and tsismis reporter”;’ and Peping Ramirez as “Elmo”; for claiming that he had “almoranas”; after being paddled. Boy Lazatin ’63 also shared their stages of initiations and how thankful he was that they did not “QUITS.”

The Golden Anniversary celebration of Batch ’63 was a night of music, dance, reflection, commemoration, felicitation, drinks and good food. The evening embodied the essence of the Fraternity’s oneness as each and every Brod stood and cheered for the deeds, contributions, efforts and achievements of Batch ’63. This event that will forever be remembered in the history of the Sigma Rho as how the members of Batch ’63 excelled not just in law but also in various fields, thus embodying their motto, “Solidarity and Excellence in Diversity.”

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